The Road to Europe 2016

So my wanderlust has been at its apex lately. Everyone around me can be prepared for at least 2 interjections of "Let's go to [insert exotic locale here]!" per conversation in the past few years. A few examples of ideas at the forefront of my journey wish list include the following: Southeast Asia to eat Pad See Ew on the shores of Phuket and visit Bali where my grandfather hails from, exploring the valleys and mountains United States in a Volkswagen Westfalia, trekking the Patagonias in South America, and the ever-present desire to re-visit Europe to traverse the streets of Florence and the hills of the Alps with my aunt, Maile. Maile lives in Annecy, France and I have been saving up to visit her there since I missed her wedding in 2010 due to unforeseen volcanic activity in Iceland (for which I will never forgive the earth gods). So after years of pulling doubles at work and losing half of my funds to car-troubles and legal issues I am now beaming with pride to say that I have finally saved enough money to be able to purchase round-trip plane tickets to Europe for this coming fall. 

For some reason, there a few things in this life that bring me as much excitement as global travel. In the immortal words of Gene Vincent, "I was born to be a rolling stone." I feel a innate sense of self-accomplishment to be able to do this for myself. Education for me has always come in all forms. I was raised in a family that strongly stood behind the idea of education and enrichment through travel. I have always been supported in my travel endeavors and I honestly believe that it has much to do with my current attitude towards travel.

So it is which much gratitude to the support of my family, the generosity of every one of my well-tipping customers in the past few years, and unnatural levels of patience in the money-saving department that I begin my plans for what I'm looking forward to as the trip of a lifetime.