Hi. Again.

Time has been getting the better of me in the last few years. I’ve been so busy concerning myself with change and newness that I’ve forgotten to slow down and focus on the things that make me the most happy. It’s been a whirlwind of a few months so I’ve decided to return to my humble roots and do some more writing. 

My recent move to Northern California coupled with a discovery of a new kind of naturally focused lifestyle has been a powerful source of inspiration. I also believe that this shift in priorities might do everyone around me some good as well. Lord knows I can be a bit of a pain when I don’t have proper outlets for my thoughts. Not only has my life shifted geographically but just this spring I decided to re-enroll myself in school and focus most (if not the sum total) of my energies on English, literature, poetry, reading, writing and various forms of outlets for my creative consciousness. School has been an absolute blessing that I could never have guessed would quell my confusing sense of self lately. This, in part, has revived my desire to maintain this journal as an aid to exercise my literary brain.

So for the sake of my sanity and that of the ones I love… I’M BACK! Hello again, internet. I have a feeling we’re going to get along great. I feel good.