caravanesque [ker-ə-van-esk]

ADJECTIVE; a colloquial allusion to the artistic nature of human culture and community. Caravan signifying a group of traveling companions eager for experience and esque from the term arabesque symbolizing the ornate art of the essence of a thing.


Hi! I'm Vail. Caravanesque is my personal portfolio. It is a written and photographic exploration of the worlds around me as I embark upon life adventures in my California home. I travel as much of the globe as my humble funds allow me. As a graduate of the English arts and digital communications from California State University of Sacramento, I exercise my writing muscle here, on Caravanesque

So here’s the get down… I prioritize the following things, and not in any particular order: I eat, drink, tramp, swim, ride, hike, explore, write, shoot and try to get lost as much as possible. My way of interpreting these life experiences is by sharing my way through the transcription of a good story or two. Caravanesque is my way of capturing what fascinates me about the human race; our ability to observe the world around us and transform its gifts through creative expression in all forms. Most of all, my experiences of these treasures are for the knowledge and enjoyment of others. Because living is a collective experience at its core and above all, a good time is best when shared.

¡Viva la caravana!